Tamiya Models

Part # Picture Description List Price
TA20026 MCLAREN MP4/5B HONDA F-1 +   Limited Removable cowling, detailed engine and suspension, rubber tires 1/20 $34.00
TA20049 FERRARI F-1 2000 (FULL VIEW) Removable rear cowl, authentic & detailed V10 engine, radiator suspension w/grooved real rubber racing tires France GP version   $43.00
TA20052 FERRARI F-1 2001 SCHUMACHER'S Pre-painted tire design/seat belts/cameras/metal transfer engine detail V10 with removable cowling, suspension and more $31.00
TA20054 FERRARI F2001 (CLEAR BODY) GP 1/20 Detailed Ferrari V-10 engine, removable rear cowl, full radiator and suspension, grooved racing tires, seat belt parts $38.00
TA20055 WILLIAMS F-1 BMW FW24 V1O ENG 1/20 Highly detailed V10 engine, monocoque frame, stands recreate pit service area, removable real cowl, detailed radiator and suspension and grooved racing tires, German GP version"Fed EX" $44.00
TA24145 NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R V-SPEC 1/24Underside & interior/detail engine/authentic markings/rubber tire $20.50
TA24167 TOYOTA GT SUPRA '96 TEAM SARD 1/24Detailed exterior, interior, chassis, undersurface and suspensionreal rubber tires, Mobil 1 and Team markings Nippondenso $26.00
TA24174 '96 PIAA/VTEC (HONDA ACCORD 1/24Underside & interior detailing/decal set for Takuya Kurosawa/working suspension/slick tires $26.00
TA24186 PORSCHE 911 GT1 MOBIL SUPER 1/24 Complete engine bay/authentic int.&chassis solid synthetic rubber tires/colorful decals $27.00
TA24193 AVEX DOME MUGEN NSX CAM AM 1/24 Full detailed engine and interior/rubber tires drive train/large colorfully decal sheet $27.00
TA24198 PIAA 64 MOBIL1 NSX RACING  1/24  $27.00
TA24207 FERRARI F50 W/ENGINE N YELLOW 1/24 Realist interior and suspension/detailed engine open or closed top/metal transfer detailing $25.00
TA24213 '99 MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLN VI  1/24  Low-profile, sport package, custom grille, 4 door sedan, front & rear bumber wing, detailed interior & exterior. $27.00
TA24216 PENNZOIL NISMO GT-R(R34)NISSAN 1/25 $29.00
TA24219 CALSONIC SKYLINE GT-R34 NISSAN 1/25 Complete interior & exterior detailing chassis & suspension w/roll cage included $29.00
TA24222 TOYOTA GT-ONE TS020 LEMANS  1/24 Detailed engine bay/exterior/interior closed cabin $33.00
TA24227 SUBARU IMPREZA WRC TEAM ARAI +   Limited  1/24 $31.00
TA24228 FERRARI 360 MODENA W/V8 ENGINE 1/24 Highly detailed engine amd interior w/transparent hood $41.00
TA24231 SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI COUPE  1/24 Gold plated rims/transparent color lights, Metalic Blue Finish $26.00
TA24240 SUBARU IMPREZA WRC LINETEX '01  1/24 Detailed interior, undersurface, suspension, rubber tires w/exact tread pattern and detailed markings $31.00
TA24241 FORD FOCUS RS WRC VALVOLINE'01  1/24 Detailed chassis, suspension, cockpit & markings, real rubber tires and driver and co-driver $36.00
TA24245 '01 HONDA S2000 CONVERTIBLE 1/24 Detailed interior, chassis, undersurface and suspension, real rubber tires, optional hardtop on or off, optional steering $26.00
TA24247 PORSCHE 911 GT2 ROAD VERSION 1/24 Detailed exterior, interior, chassis and suspension rubber tires $26.00
TA24250 '01 SUBARU IMPREZA WRC RALLY 1/24 Night racing light pods/transparent and metallic parts and chassis for Great Britain Rally pre-painted wheels w/2 decals $34.00
TA24254 '01 NISSAN 350Z ROADSTER COUPE 1/24 Detaile exterior,interior, suspension, rubber tires with exact tread pattern, metal transfere emblem, optional steering $27.00
TA24257 MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO.VII WRC 1/24 Detailed interior, metal tramsfer emblem, mesh for front grille, realistic chassis undercarriage and suspension, real rubber tire w/Michelin Logo, custom Enkei wheels $33.00
TA24258 NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R/R34 SPEC 1/24 Molded in White w/Gray engine and suspension, chromed rims and real rubber tires, optional wheels, wing stays and brakes $27.00
TA24259 SUBARU IMPREZA WRC 2002/DRIVER 1/24 Interior and chassis detailing, pre-painted wheels and metal plated ligth parts, 2 driver figures, 2 optional markings $36.00
TA24260 03 ENZO FERRARI W/V-12 ENGINE 1/24 Carbon monocoque chassis, doors open on hinges like the real thing, detailed interior, open rear cowl, detail transmission, and rear suspension, colored transparent plastic, metal logos $45.00
TA24266 RALLY 4 MECHANICS AND DRIVER 1/24  Accessory impact wrench, removed brake disc, dampers, floor jacks, and tools, decals for team Subaru & Peugeo $19.50
TA24268 '03 XANAVI NISMO GT-R RACER  1/24 Redesigned aerodynamic body, transparent clear parts, detailed transaxle gearbox, nylon mesh intake, markings #23 or #22 Motul molded in White with Black interior and roll-bar section $34.98


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