The rubber bush of the tension rod has been replaced with pillow balls (spherical bearing) in all TEIN Pillow Ball Tension Rods. To eliminate tow change through compliance on acceleration or deceleration and allow only for vertical movement by the lower - arms. It also reduces the roll at corners and creates quicker steering response. In addition, the wheel alignment (caster angle) can be set through adjustments.

Tein Pillow Ball Tension Rods

Model Year Chassis Code Part Number List Price Sale Price
240SX 89-94 S13 PTN20-11S00 $220.00 Call
240SX 95-98 S14 PTN64-11S00 $220.00  
300ZX 90-96 Z32 PTN20-11S00 $220.00  
Skyline 89-93 HCR32 PTN20-11S00 $220.00  
Skyline 94-98 ECR33 PTN64-11S00 $220.00  
Skyline 99-01 ER34 PTN64-11S00 $220.00  
Skyline GT-R 89-94 BNR32 PTN14-11S00 $220.00  
Skyline GT-R 95-98 BCNR33 PTN14-11S00 $220.00  
Corolla 83-87 AE86 PTT30-11F00 $330.00  
MR-2 85-89 AW11 PTT06-11F00 $330.00  
MR2 90-99 SW20 PTT06-11F00 $330.00  

Tein Strengthened Tie Rod End

Model Year Chassis Code Description List Price Sale Price
240SX 89-98 S13/S14 Tie Rod  $80.00 Call
240SX 89-98 S13/S14 Rod End $80.00  

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