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AME Wheels are manufactured in Japan by Enkei, one of the leading wheel  manufacturers in Japan. AME Wheels are produced in the same factory as Enkei's Formula 1 wheels. AME wheels are offered in one and two piece designs. Special order custom offsets available in some wheels.

Current AME Wheels are now available on a special order basis. Please call for more information.

Single Circlar Cpec R and TM-02 wheels available in our clearance section.

Circlar Spec R

Circlar Spec M


AME FS-01 Bronze


Circlar RS

Tracer Spec M

Shallen AX

Shallen CX

Shallen LX

AME Shallen MX SBC

Shallen MX

Shallen WX

Shallen SX

Modelart Prider




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