Gram Lights wheels from

Gram Lights 57D wheels are 1 piece Cast Wheels. Standard Color - Ceramic White. Optional Finish -Luminous Colors.

Gram Lights 57D Ceramic White wheels from Upgrade Motoring Gram Lights 57D Luminous Orange wheels from Upgrade Motoring Gram Lights 57D Luminous Yellow wheels from Upgrade Motoring Gram Lights 57D Luminous Pink wheels from Upgrade Motoring
57D Ceramic White 57D Luminous Orange 57D Luminous Yellow 57D Luminous Pink

Gram Lights 57D Wheels 02/12

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Size Offset Hole PCD Standard Color List Price Each Luminous Color List Price Each
15x5.0 +43 4 100 $343.00 $406.00
16x5.5 +38, +48 4 100 $368.00 $432.00
16x6.5 +42, +48, +52 4 100 $394.00 $457.00
17x9.0 +12, +22, +38 5 114.3 $419.00 $483.00
18x9.5 +12, +22, +38 5 114.3 $495.00 $559.00
Note: Luminous colors are susceptible to degradation by ultraviolet light and may fade or discolor after exposure to road conditions. Before ordering, please be aware that Upgrade Motoring cannot be held responsible for the fading or discoloration of fluorescent coatings.

Gram Lights Wheel Fitment Guide

Gram Lights 57 WR Type Center Caps on Sale at Upgrade

Optional Gram Lights WR Type Center caps. Red, Black Silver. $38.00 per cap.

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