Performance Brake Upgrades

After you build a power plant that is capable of intense acceleration, don't forget that you still have to stop.  Stock brakes were not designed to slow down the kind of speeds that your car is now capable of producing, especially when they are applied repeatedly as they are in racing. Upgrade your brakes using Project Mu, Endless, Brembo and AP below and add an extra edge of performance and safety to your ride! Other brake manufacturers available upon request.

AP Racing Brakes from AP Racing Brake Kits. Please call for fitments and pricing.

Neo Synthetic Oil Neo Synthetic Brake Fluid. NEO "Super DOT 610" brake fluid is designed with a wet boiling point of 421F and dry boiling point of 610F. 16oz can BUY NOW!

Typical Operating Temperatures of Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid Type Dry Boiling Point (C/F) Wet Boiling Point (C/F)
DOT 3  205 / 400 140 / 284
DOT 4 230 / 443 155 / 311
DOT 4 / 600 310 / 590 216 / 421
DOT 5.1 260 / 500 180 / 356
1. Dry Boiling point is the temperature at which new, uncontaminated brake fluid will boil.
2. Wet Boiling point is the temperature at which the brake fluid will boil after it has been contaminated with 3% moisture.
3. Brake Fluid is Hygroscopic (absorbs water vapor from air)
4. Never use brake fluid that has been stored in an open container.
5. Brake fluid should be changed every two years or 30,000 miles for street vehicles.
6. For track vehicles, flush the brake fluid after every event.
7. For optimum performance, do not mix brake fluid types.
8 Never use silicone based brake fluids (DOT 5) in any automotive brake system.


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