Open Wheel Race Cars

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Part # Picture Description List Price
TA20026 Tamiya MCLAREN MP4/5B HONDA F-1 +   Limited Removable cowling, detailed engine and suspension, rubber tires 1/20 $34.00
TA20049 Tamiya FERRARI F-1 2000 (FULL VIEW) Removable rear cowl, authentic & detailed V10 engine, radiator suspension w/grooved real rubber racing tires France GP version   $43.00
TA20052 Tamiya FERRARI F-1 2001 SCHUMACHER'S Pre-painted tire design/seat belts/cameras/metal transfer engine detail V10 with removable cowling, suspension and more $31.00
TA20054 Tamiya FERRARI F2001 (CLEAR BODY) GP 1/20 Detailed Ferrari V-10 engine, removable rear cowl, full radiator and suspension, grooved racing tires, seat belt parts $38.00
TA20055 Tamiya WILLIAMS F-1 BMW FW24 V1O ENG 1/20 Highly detailed V10 engine, monocoque frame, stands recreate pit service area, removable real cowl, detailed radiator and suspension and grooved racing tires, German GP version"Fed EX" $44.00


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