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New FREE iPhone/iTouch App Download from SSR!!!

The SSR Wheels App now let's you add SSR Wheels to any car! Take a picture of a car or use a picture that you already have! Choose the wheel model, color and even the size! Now you can see what your car will look like with your favorite SSR Wheel!

- Select your wheel
- Select the color
- Take a picture OR select one from your library!
- Place the wheel over your stock/existing wheels
- Save and share!

JUN AUTO MECHANIC just released a New JUN Oil Baffle Plate for the Honda/Acura K20A motor. There is some danger of cutting off of the oil circulation because the oil strainer can not absorb the oil. This shortage of oil comes from high speed turns. The JUN Oil Pan Baffle Plate prevents the oil in a oil pan from sloshing by fitting this baffle. This part can be easy fit without any machining.

JUN AUTO MECHANIC Oil Baffle Plate for K20A motors from Upgrade Motoring

Momo Retro 360mm steeering wheel from Upgrade Motoring

New from Momo, the Retro. Features a hand stitched leather rim. 360mm in diameter. Please call for current Sale pricing.  
JUN Auto released Honda K20A Camshafts, Valve Springs, Titanium Retainers and Cam Gears. Purchase a complete JUN Auto Camshaft KIt and Save!!! Please call for more information. JUN Auto K20A Chromoly 1Piece Flywheel to be released soon
New Project KICS Magnetic Drain plugs available. PROJECT KICS Magnetic drain plugs are only $18.95. Project KICS R40 lugs now offered in a Neo Chro finish.
  • (M12x1.25P) Red Color: Fits most Toyota, Lexus, Scion and Nissan BUY NOW!
  • (M14x1.5P) Blue Color: Fits most Acura, Honda, Mitsubishi and Mazda  BUY NOW!
  • (M20x1.5P) Gold Color: Fits most Subaru (SVX, Impreza, WRX, Forester, Legacy, Outback) BUY NOW!
  • Kics wheel spacers. We now have KICS 8mm and 10mm universal wheel spacers and KICS 11mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm bolt on wheel spacers. KICS Hub Centric rings also available. Hub Centric rings eliminate vibration in the wheels. Project Kics wheel spacers are now available in our wheel accessories section. 

    VQ35DE Stroker Kit by JUN Auto

    JUN Auto released 3.8L Stroker kit for the VQ35DE! This kit is designed for use on a turbo charged 350Z!  

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