QUESTION: In the part numbers, what does the "R" and "G" refer to?

ANSWER: Part Numbers ending in "R" - Bushings are Red in color. Part Numbers ending in "G" - Bushings are Graphite (Black) in color. Graphite is added to the bushings to reduce squeaking.

Question: What kind of grease should I use before product installation?
We recommend our Formula 5 Prelube. This is included in the kits that require lubrication and can also be purchased at your local Energy Suspension dealer.
Question: During control arm installation, how do I remove the rubber part, when reusing the outer metal shells.
The easiest way to do this is with a propane or butane torch. Leave the shell in the arm and heat-up the outside of the shell. Once the rubber bond starts to break, the rubber will boil. Be careful not to melt the shell by using even and sparing heat. Once the bond is broken, push the rubber out with a screw driver or other tool.
For: Honda Civic- 1988-00, Honda Del Sol- 1993-97, Acura Integra- 1990-01, Ford Escort & ZX2- 1997-01, Mitsubishi Eclipse- 1995-99, Subaru WRX- 2002-03.
Question: My front wheel drive car's transmission shifter seems too loose, especially when speed shifting.
A rubber bushing is part of the shifter assembly. Our firmer polyurethane shifter stabilizer bushing sets should give better "shifting feel".
Question: What is required to install polyurethane bushings?
Our products usually install with just common automotive or motorcycle tools (depending) and require a basic knowledge of auto or cycle repair. Each product package includes detailed step-by-step instructions to help first-time installers. Our polyurethane products usually install just like their rubber counterparts. Depending On The Product, a product set can be installed in from 1/2 hour in time to 4 hours in time. A typical automotive or motorcycle repair shop should also be able do the installation for you.
Question: My original control arm outer metal shells are damaged. The Energy Suspension control arm bushing set that I received did not come with metal shells. Where can I obtain replacement shells?
Contact the parts department of a new car dealership of your make of vehicle, for new original factory replacements, or try your local auto salvage yard.
Question: I have a custom application situation. With the dimensional sizes on a bushing that I have, can I buy bushings based on the dimensions I supply?
Except for a selected number of products listed in the "UNIVERSAL" section of our catalog and due to safety reasons, we do not recommend using dimensions for a product application. Therefore, our catalog lists most of our bushings by vehicle application, not by size. We stand by the fit of our product based on vehicle applications. Please refer to our catalog for vehicle application information.


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