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Upgrading the suspension of your car is one of the best things you can do to enhance the driving experience. This can be achieved with carefully chosen, high quality suspension components from Upgrade Motoring.  Many of us here love to autocross, road-race, or drift on the weekends, and we know what you need to make your car handle. Just give us a call or an e-mail to see what we can do for you!

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Sport Lowering Springs

A good set of performance lowering springs can bring your car's handling capabilities to life.  Aftermarket springs are stiffer and will tighten up the suspension.  Because springs will lower your ride height, the center of gravity will also be lowered which eliminates much of the car's tendency to roll to one side during hard turns.

Sport Suspensions from


Performance Shocks & Struts

Stock shocks and struts were designed for comfort not performance, and many aggressive drivers realize that the suspension cannot keep up with their driving skills.  A set of performance struts or shocks will significantly improve the handling of your car, especially when other suspension parts have been upgraded.  Performance shocks and struts will tighten up the suspension, but at the same time will smooth out the ride on rough surfaces.  Once you add a set, you'll wonder how you ever got along without them.

Sport Suspensions from

Koni Tokico Bilstein KYB


Coil-Over Suspensions

If you want the ultimate in suspension, then you need to choose a full coil-over system.  Originally bred on the road-race circuits, coil-over suspension is now finding its way onto the street and with great success.  Most kits feature fully adjustable ride height and shock dampening and will allow you to dial in your suspension perfectly.  

Coilover Suspensions from


Strut Bars and Tie Bars

The chassis design of today's cars are very good, and many advancements have been made in the area of stiffening the frame.  However, when a firmer suspension or bigger wheels are installed, many cars will experience chassis flex under hard driving.  Aftermarket strut bars will bring an end to that.  By tying together critical points on the chassis, these bars will reduce flex and provide the driver with a more positive feel.   

Strut Bars from


Anti-Sway Bars

Many late model cars now come equipped with anti-sway bars right from the factory.  But when the car takes on more of a performance personality, the stock bars often become inadequate.  Fortunately, several companies offer anti-sway bar kits for many popular cars.  These kits feature thicker, stiffer bars and high-performance polyurethane bushings, as well as any hardware that is needed.  

Swaybars from


Alignment Kits

On cars that are lowered, correcting the alignment sometimes becomes a problem.  On other cars, the drivers want some adjustability with alignment to dial in the suspension for racing.  Fortunately, Upgrade Motoring offers a variety of alignment kits for just about every type of vehicle.

Alignment Kits, camber kits from


Performance Bushings

In order to keep a comfortable ride, cars and trucks are made with  rubber bushings throughout the suspension.  However, when exposed to oil, gasoline, and the elements, the rubber can quickly degrade causing the ride and handling to suffer.  Fortunately, several companies offer polyurethane replacement bushings that will give your car superior handling while still maintaining some comfort. 

Polyurethane Bushings from

Energy Suspension Prothane Super Pro Whiteline


Torsion Bars

Upgrade Motoring offers Sport, Competition and Race Torsion Bars for the Civic/CRX  84-87 and Integra 86-89. The Upgrade Torsion Bars are a must for Autocrossing and Road Racing. Available in 24mm, 27.5mm, 29mm and 31mm. Made in the USA! - Discontinued

Upgrade Motoring Torsion Bars from

Upgrade Motoring Torsion Bars


Tie Rods and Tension Rods

To further enhance the suspension and steering response you may opt for solid control arms with harder bushings or spherical bearings (pillow balls). Depending on applications pillow tension rods will allow adjustment of caster and toe.

Tie Rods and Tension Rods from

Cusco Tanabe Kazama


Adjustable Camber Plates - Upper Pillowball Mounts

Adjustable camber plates allow for positive or negative camber adjustment.  Most are pillowball type and are mounted on top of the strut.

Camber Plates and Upper Pillow Mounts from



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